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Important Note:
All the games in this page are written using JavaScript. Most of the games work properly in Internet Explorer 4+ only. Download Internet Explorer


NEW!! Get rid of the marbles from the board. The less the number of marbles you end up with the more intelligent you are. Works in IE & Opera. Supports drag n' drop in higher versions of IE.

Place It

A very interesting crazy pieces puzzle just for you! You have to arrange the coloured pieces to form a square. Supports multiple levels. Works for IE 5.0 and above alone.

Jigsaw Puzzle

A wonderful picture puzzle! Rearrange the picture tiles to complete the picture in the shortest possible time. Supports multiple levels. This page works for IE 5.0 and above alone.


Here is a nice little number sliding puzzle. Arrange the numbers in order in the shortest possible time with minimum number of moves. Features multiple difficulty levels.


You have played it... a nice time killer to while away your time during those boring school hours. Now compete with the computer and complete a straight line to win.


Revive your childhood days with this simple number guessing game. The objective of the game is to guess the number in a minimum number of tries and the shortest time.

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